Silver + Citrine

Spiritual Portrait Photography and Crystal Healing

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These sessions are hybrid sessions combining tapping into source energy and using the modalities of Health Kinesiology, Quantum Touch and Crystal Healing to guide an opening of the soul and lead us into a spirit inspired photography session. These sessions are meant to capture you in raw form, in whatever needs to be expressed for healing at that time. Throughout the 12, 6 or 3 month process you will be able to not only receive healing work but also see the progression and growth over that time period in terms of photographs.

The session with Jenn was very powerful and uplifting. The resulting photos are so wonderful to have and refer to that time and space where I felt very seen, very safe, and very held by her as a practitioner. Highly recommended
— Caitlin
This is such a cool concept. I love the idea of having a tangible, physical reminder of where I was in a specific moment in my journey of growth and healing to reflect on and Jenn’s talents in all realms of the healing arts certainly made that happen beautifully. Plus the crystal healing was so powerful! In today’s digital age where we are always snapping and sharing, it’s a special thing to have a photo you don’t have to do anything with, but sit with, meditate on and learn from.
— Amy

I would highly recommend a crystal healing and photo shoot with Jenn. Her communication about and throughout the processes makes you feel warm, and loved. I didn’t have any experience with crystal healing, but was open to everything she said because of her magnetic personality. She explains things in a way that is totally relatable, even if you aren’t super deep in the world of natural healing. She is an amazing photographer on top of it all, and I feel like she captured all that I was feeling after the crystal healing session. When I look at the photos that came out of it, I’m reminded of the growth I felt in that session, and I can’t wait to do it again!
— Lauren

About Jenn


Jennifer was born in Rochester NY, a descendant of Samuel F.B. Morse “Father of American Photography” as well as from a lineage of Swiss engineers and healers from the alps.

She is a third generation healer, and has primarily trained under her grandmother, Madeline Downey Drabkowski. She has studied and trained in Health Kinesiology, Quantum Touch and Crystal Healing and uses a combination of all three modalities for her healing sessions.

Jenn is both a healer and portrait photographer of great ability. Her crystal healing photo session was a new and positive experience for me. The healing made me quite introspective and I was impressed by how well her portraits seemed to convey my state of mind.
— Farley

The Packages

Each session is 2 hrs in length and you receive both an energetic crystal healing and a spirit inspired photoshoot. You also receive selected prints after the gallery is delivered. These sessions are most powerful done in series.

Package No. 1

12 monthly sessions throughout a year. An especially potent time to start this package is on your solar return or birthday.

Package No. 2

6 monthly sessions over 6 months.

Package No. 3

3 monthly sessions over 3 months.

Single A-la-carte sessions are priced at $375

Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii

Pilgrimage sessions:

Do you feel your soul calling you to a certain location? Or maybe you have had a past life regression and want to visit a land of a previous life. I offer customized pilgrimage sessions where we travel to a location, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! and have a series of healing sessions and an epic spirit filled photoshoot. This price varies on each trip and client. Please be in touch to discuss!

Photo By  Emi Fuji

Photo By Emi Fuji