Jenn Morse IMG_2354.JPG

Lover of Light, Color, Shapes and Stories since 1988.

Photo by Hidden Gears

Jennifer was born in Rochester NY, a descendant of Samuel F.B. Morse “Father of American Photography” as well as from a lineage of Swiss engineers and healers from the alps.

Jennifer works as a portrait, still life and wedding photographer. She has had the pleasure of photographing the likes of Courtney Love, Rufus Wainwright and Patricia Field.

Her fine art work as been exhibited internationally and most currently work has been featured in A-B Journal and was selected by Sasha Wolf for the CPW Fellowship Fund Award.



Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester NY
SUNY Brockport, Brockport NY
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK
School of Health Kinesiology and Nutrition, Middletown NY